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    Stella & Kevin's Wedding
    We had the pleasure to shoot Stella and Kevin's wedding at Westlake Village Inn a few months ago. Stella's attention to detail without becoming obsessive and Kevin's relaxed demeanor along with both of their lovely personalities made this one an incredibly fun day for both Jen and I!

    Here are a few photos from this beautiful wedding.

    Wedding Gown and Shoes at The Westlake Village Inn

    Stella is getting ready for the first look at The Westlake Village Inn

    Star-studded Louboutin's draped in stunning lace worn by none other than our gorgeous bride

    Stella and Kevin's Wedding Invitations on the lovely tiles of Westlake Village Inn

    The wedding "hardware" at Westlake Village Inn

    This stately leather library chair was the perfect tableau for this gorgeous bride's bouquet

    The rings and the beautiful wedding invitation at Westlake Village Inn

    It is not always about posed photographs.  Sometimes candids are preferred.

    Before they welcome their guests for the reception, the couple shares an intimate moment.

    The lovely wedding cake from an alternative angle.

    The smile on the bride's face tells it all

    The couple at their sweetheart table at The Westlake Village Inn

    The bride and the groom on the balcony of The Westlake Village Inn

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    Alyse & Jeff and our old friends.
    It all started in the Summer of 2012... I was contacted by the mothers of Shira and Andy and they book me for their children's wedding day.  While the couple were living in New York back then, their lovely mothers were planning for the big day.

    Than, Shira and Andy had this very short window during their California visit on a weekend in November (literally only a couple of hours) and they called me and booked me for an engagement session.  To this date, that is the only engagement session I shot under heavy rain.

    Their wedding was just amazing.  I had so much fun documenting that wonderful day.  Andy's brother Jeff caught the garter and his girlfriend Alyse caught the bouquet.  I even made a note about my hope to have the privilege of shooting their wedding!

    You can imagine how happy and honored I was when I got the call from Alyse and Jeff to book me for both their engagement session and their wedding day! We did the engagement session in Palos Verdes as well. Andy and Jeff grew up there.

    Well, last summer, in the beautiful settings of Pine Rose Cabins of Arrowhead, CA, my wife Jennifer and I were delighted to reunite with this fantastic family to celebrate the union of Alyse and Jeff.

    Let's start with the details.

    The beautiful Pine Rose Cabins provide the perfect backdrop for the detail photographs of this wedding

    An extreme close up of the wedding rings

    A rustic setting deserves a rustic bouquet!

    The wedding rings with the engagement ring at the Pine Rose Cabins

    A few shots of the gorgeous couple following the First Look.  This little pond and the rustic swing were a favorite of mine for sure. 

    The gorgeous couple and their reflection on the little pond at The Pine Rose CabinsThe Love's Reflection

    The groom and the bride under her veil at The Pine Rose CabinsLost In Eachother's Arms Under the Veil

    The groom and his groomsmen.

    The groom poses for the camera while his groomsmen are hanging out at the beautiful Pine Rose Cabins

    The groom and his groomsmen assuming the tough guy role at the Pine Rose CabinsTough Guys

     The beautiful bride on that swing I cannot get enough of...
    Pine Rose Cabins' Rustic Swing is the perfect place to have the bride pose for her formal portraitsThe Beautiful Bride on the Rustic Swing

    The bride and her bridesmaids...

    The bride under the lovely pine trees of the Pine Rose CabinsLadies in Lavender

    Yes, we did the first look way before the ceremony, but looking at Jeff's face during the ceremony and not feeling the love and the happiness is impossible!

    May the sun shine on you forever Alyse and Jeff!
    The gorgeous venue, the setting sun and the beautiful couple during the ceremony at Pine Rose Cabins

    The lovely result of my wife Jennifer's favorite approaches to shoot candids during the formal portrait sessions.

    Say hello to the reception details and the cake! :D

    And the fun begins!

    Before The Hora started, I left Jennifer down at the dance floor to capture the candid close-ups and I went upstairs to the second floor deck to photograph the action from above.  I told the couple to look up at some point if they could remember.  And they did!  Jeff told Alyse and they gave me a look for this lovely moment to be captured!

    The couple remembered to look up for a little posed photo during the horaHo
    Let's finish with a few photos of the couple at their sweetheart table. cutting the cake and the first dance. Alyse and Jeff, I look forward to see you again soon!

    The couple is cutting the cake at Pine Rose Cabins

    It is a tremendous honor and privilege to be a part of this family's most precious moments.  I consider myself lucky and I am grateful for them to bring me back and trust the documentation of these important dates to me and my wife.

    Thank you Alyse and Jeff and Andy and Shira... While I certainly look forward to see you and your growing families again soon, I wish you all a very happy, very healthy and very prosperous life!
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    Maribel & Andrew
    I met Maribel & Andrew at a bridal show at The Villa Del Sol D'Oro. After a quick meeting, we hit it off from the start and the next thing I know, Jen and I were covering their preparations in two different houses, not too far from each other.

    Wedding gown, the shoes, the bouquet and the boutonniere

    The girls are getting ready for the wedding!

    Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven read the tote bags for the guests... The date of the wedding.

    Following a lovely ceremony at the Nativity Church at El Monte CA, we headed to one of my favorite venues to shoot.  As I have mentioned on a previous blog post, The Villa is one-quarter replica of the Villa Collazzi located on the outskirts of Florence, Italy. It is rumored that this was the only villa ever designed by non-other than Michalengelo.

    Hand in hand together, forever

    The vintage Rolls Royce Andrew rented for the day to surprise Maribel couldn't match the venue more!

    The Bride and the groom in front of the Villa Del Sol D'Oro with the vintage Rolls Royce

    Here is a lovely shot by Jen.  While I was posing Maribel for some single portraits, Jennifer was shooting around me to get some candid details.

    While I was posing the bride, my wife was taking candid details.

    Bringing the black & white back... Or it has never gone away!

    A few artistic black & white shots of the bride and the groom.

    The fun and good looking people of the wedding party.

    The entire wedding party in the Villa Del Sol D'Oro

    I absolutely love this simple yet adorable cake!

    The wedding cake's location at the Villa Del Sol D'Oro makes it easy to use different approaches to lighting

    The couple in love had many moments throughout the day where they were lost in each other's arms, oblivious to what may be going on around them.

    The first dance of the couple and more.

    A lovely family indeed!

    It was a tremendous pleasure to work with this lovely family!

    Here is another candid shot, this time from my camera while Jennifer was posing the couple.
    Maribel and Andrew, may you live happily ever after and prosper together!

    A lovely candid shot of the married couple.

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    Alexandra & Chris
    I met Alexandra and Chris last summer and I first got the pleasure of shooting their engagement session at The Mother's Beach in Marina Del Rey.

    Alexandra & Chris at The Mother's Beach for their engagement session in Summer 2015Alexandra & Chris had the afternoon to themselves and I was there to document it

    They got ready at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.
    The Dress, The Shoes, The AccessoriesWhen taking the detail photos of the wedding rings, we make sure we provide our clients with a variety of shots.We make sure the client has a variety of detail shots
    The bride is ready for the ceremony

    The ceremony took place in a wonderfully unique rotunda of Los Angeles Public Library's Central Branch.

    Los Angeles Public Library's Central Branch and the gorgeous rotunda

    The Excitement, moments before the father gives her daughter away...
    Moments before he gave her away, the father of the bride is walking her in the aisle

    The rotunda of LAPL's Central Branch is a unique and gorgeous venue for a wedding ceremony

    The couple's choice of reception venue was as unique and as beautiful as the ceremony location.  The Edison is a wonderful venue built and designed in the old power plant in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

    Dimly lit, this authentic night club creates a wonderful settings for a night of partying

    Every corner of this venue is great to photographSome of the unique lighting fixtures you can find throughout this LA nightlife staple

    So many details, so little time

    A wonderful night clubThe night is young

    The Grand Entrance of the newlywed couple through the main floor of The EdisonThe Grand Entrance

    The couple is all ears during the welcome speech of the bride's father
    The cake is cut
    A fun and fantastic swing quartet took stage at times and mesmerized the guests with their Parisian approach following in the footsteps of Django Reinhardt.
    In the footsteps of Django
    When I was done for the night, the couple and their guests were just warming up
    to continue the celebration until the wee hours of the morning!
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    Vanessa & John's Wedding Day

    I really cannot tell you how much fun this wedding was! I met Vanessa and John in my studio.  This laid back "white wedding" took place at the Mountain Mermaid Inn in Topanga, CA.

    Meet the fun couple:

    Let's do some details:

    The First Look:

    The ceremony was something else! John surprised almost everyone singing Pharrell Williams' "Happy" with the help of his strategically well placed singing and instrument-playing friends.  Then, Vanessa and John being established actors, their friends recited Shakespeare's sonnets and soliloquies.

     The summer bouquet:

    The rustic details:

    The happy couple:

    Following their first dance, the couple invited everyone in the room to join them on the dance floor, and the love in the room was palpable.

    Vanessa surprised John with a belly dancer:

    Instead of a traditional cake, the couple chose two cakes and mini cupcakes.  One cake celebrating their union, the other one marking the date they have chosen.

    My wife Jennifer and I had so much fun celebrating this beautiful couple's happy day.  May you live a long, healthy and prosperous life!


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    I think the trend of naming celebrity couples still continue....

    While they may be famous, I truly doubt the level of love reach anywhere near the one that exists between PhoeBen.  Phoebe and Ben tied the knot last June and Kerem Hanci Photography was thrilled to photograph their union!

    I think Phoebe and Ben's smiles are absolutely contagiousMeet the couple.
    I love how the nervousness on Ben's face cedes its place to an amazing smile with a single touch of Phoebe!First Look and how Ben's nervous expression fades away with just one touch of Phoebe!
    The Bride and the groom in different locations within the park they got married atAfter the first look, Phoebe and Ben were so relaxed during their portrait session, which in turn made our job very easy.
    The pastel colors of the bouquet and the kiss on thebackground.
    Color combination done rightSpeaking of pastel colors, Phoebe did a phenomenal job choosing them.
    Here are those colors and the good looking wedding party.
    Details can be a lot of fun to photograph!The Wedding Bouquet and the Wedding Rings.
    This was very cute.  Both Phoebe and Ben are engineers, and their approach to traditions such as the unity candle or unity sand was unity soldering!
    They used the soldering iron to unite their hearts in one giant heart!
    Ben's Face Says It AllHere is the heart they created.  Ben's face says it all!
    That sweet first kiss as husband and wifeThe first kiss as husband and wife while the wedding party and the guests celebrates.
    Wedding chucks are still a popular trendChucks that had to be documented.
    With a two photographer package you end up getting a great amount of beautiful candid photographs taken by the second photographer while you are posing for the first one.When you book a two-photographer wedding package, you would be getting gorgeous candid photographs
    by the second photographer, while you are focused on posing for the first one.
    Two photographers are also a great way to get ample coverage during the ceremony.
    There is no way I could hold myself from taking this picture.I was running to get the first dance photographs when I saw these four little cuties,
    sitting on the grass and having ice cream.  There was no way for me not to take
    this photograph.  How one can ignore this?
    As husband and wife, Phoebe and Ben had a lovely choreographed dance!And the first dance of Phoebe and Ben as Husband and Wife. No need to pose for this.
    Phoebe and Ben in their muscle car.While they are definitely not posing, I did ask them to kiss,
    after I put my video light under the dashboard to light them up
    against the sunset in the background and the headlights in the foreground.
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    I had the tremendous pleasure to photograph the engagement session and the wedding of Yuri and Alan.
    We did the engagement session at the Venice Canals.

    A gorgeous shallow depth of field shot of the engaged couple at the Venice Canals.Those Smiling Faces! I love to give my clients some shots from alternative approaches that highlight what they like and/or things they value.  From our conversations, I knew Alan is into watches, so I approached this shoot as if the watch was the star of it and we ended up with this gorgeous lifestyle/commercial shot.

    An alternative approach to the engagement shoot.A Lifestyle Shot There are times where the couple would have a few ideas they would like to create and they communicate these to me.  I am open to any and all ideas and would love to make it happen for my clients.

    A requested shot by the brideThe Ring Shot Following the ceremony at Santa Rosa Catholic Church in San Fernando, we headed to the Brand Park Memory Garden in Mission Hills for the formal portraits of family and the wedding party.

    A formal portrait of the newly wed couple.

    A Nice Little Stroll in the Rose Garden Details...

    Meet the fine and fun wedding party...

    The Groomsmen with the Beautiful Bride

    The rings on the newlyweds' fingers.

    Here is a shot of The Wedding Cake and a detail shot of the sweets table.

    The reception took place at The Casa Torres Banquet Hall in San Fernando.  Here is a shot of the first dance.

    The first dance and the first dip!

    A perfectly captured bouquet toss

    And a perfectly captured garter toss

    After a few drinks, the boys wanted to repeat their formal portrait pose taken earlier with the bride, but this time with the groom.

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    The Year That Was And The Year Ahead
    On this first day of 2016, and the first entry of Friday Photography Blog for this year, I would like to remember all the love from 2015... All the loving unions and wonderful couples.

    I look forward to document more weddings this year and speaking of which, if you are looking for a photographer, we do have some great promotions going on, please either contact us at or call us at 323.807.5984 for more information.

    Here are some of our favorite shots from last year's blogs.

    This was at Westlake Village Inn for Brittany and Graydon's wedding.
    The Bridal Suite at Westlake Village Inn has a wonderful fire place and when I saw the reflection from the mirror across the room, I had to put the wedding gown and the shoes there.

    The Bridal Suite at Westlake Village Inn has a wonderful fire place and when I saw the reflection from the mirror across the room, I had to put the wedding gown and the shoes there.The Dress & Shoes In The Mirror
    It is always extremely rewarding to work with a bunch of fun people who are game to act silly on their wedding day.  Brittany and Graydon were in for the fun along with their wedding party in the board room of Westlake Village Inn.

    It is always extremely rewarding to work with a bunch of fun people who are game to act silly on their wedding day.  Brittany and Graydon were in for the fun along with their wedding party in the board room of Westlake Village Inn. Wedding Party in the Westlake Village Inn Board Room
    Once they were ready, the couple and the wedding party headed out to the family ranch where they had a wonderful reception. As you can see, they couldn't really take their eyes from each other. For Brittany and Graydon's Wedding blog entry, you can click here.

    Once they were ready, the couple and the wedding party headed out to the family ranch where they had a wonderful reception. As you can see, they couldn't really take their eyes from each other.The First Dance at The Family Ranch
    Cherie and Todd's wedding was more intimate and low key.  She got ready at their apartment by the beach and Todd was at his hotel room across the street.

    Here is Cherie, washed in the bright light coming in from the window where she posed for this lucky

    Here is Cherie, washed in the bright light coming in from the window where she posed for this lucky photographer.Beautiful Bride In Bright Day Light
    One of the most wonderful moments I was able to photograph was this amazing butterfly release during their ceremony. Totally magical.

    One of the most wonderful moments I was able to photograph was this amazing butterfly release during their ceremony. Totally magical.The Butterfly Release during the Wedding Ceremony
    Here is the couple taking a breather before their reception at the American Legion Newport Harbor Post 291.  Here are some more photographs from this lovely day!

    Here is the couple taking a breather before their reception at the American Legion Newport Harbor Post 291.Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
    One of my favorite shots of a groom was taken by my wife Jennifer. Here is Ben, excited, maybe a bit nervous, waiting for the arrival of the car that would take him to the church for the ceremony that will wed him to Maria.

    One of my favorite shots of a groom was taken by my wife Jennifer. Here is Ben, excited, maybe a bit nervous, waiting for the arrival of the car that would take him to the church for the ceremony. Anticipation of The Moment To Arrive
     Happy faces of Maria and Ben's loving friends following a wonderful ceremony.  Here is the blog entry for Maria & Ben's Wedding.

    Happy faces of Maria and Ben's loving friends following a wonderful ceremonyThe Wedding Party Following The Ceremony

    Wedding details are also important to document!
    Wedding details are also important to document!A Ring and A Pair of Shoes
    Laura & Jon, being Starbucks managers, had no problem organizing their wedding in the morning. The ceremony was at 9am and the brunch was served after that!

    California Center for the Arts in Escondido was a wonderful location to shoot a wedding at. Here is an artful kiss of the bride by the groom.

    California Center for the Arts in Escondido was a wonderful location to shoot a wedding at. An Artful Kiss
    A rack focus in filmmaking and television production is the practice of changing the focus of the lens during a shot. The term can refer to small or large changes of focus. If the focus is shallow, then the technique becomes more noticeable. I love to use a shallow depth of field and apply this to still photography. Here are two examples...

    Rack focus is a cinematography term and I love to do it in still photography. Here is a couple of samples.The Bouquet And The Ring
    The groom does not need a jacket.Chic with a Smart WatchAs I have mentioned, these two are Starbucks managers.  Down the street from the California Center for the Arts, there is a Starbucks where my wife and I stopped to get coffee in the morning. I talked to the supervisor and asked if it would be possible to shoot in there after the wedding.  The store partners were game and when I mentioned this to Laura and Jon, they were super excited. So, following the ceremony and the brunch, I stole the couple from their dancing for a few minutes and we walked down to that Starbucks store where they actually made some drinks for customers.  It was very cute.  You can see more here.

    Two Starbucks managers making coffee after the ceremony.

    Depending on our clients' needs and desires, we offer coverage with one, two or three photographers and videographers.  The following photographs are from the intimate wedding of Misty and Lucas that Jennifer shot solo.

    Here is Misty sitting on a gorgeous chair by the window.
    Misty sitting on a gorgeous chair by the window.A Beautifully Back-lit Portrait of the Beautiful Bride
    A classic wedding photograph with the bride by the french door.The Moment Before She Walks the AisleMisty and Lucas stepping out for some cool air during the receptionThe Couple on a Lovely Southern Cali Night
    We come across many beautiful wedding rings, some modern, some antiques but all unique.  And when we do, we like to get creative and give the clients a diversity of shots.  Here is my favorite from Misty and Lucas' wedding.  Click here to see more photos.

    We love to get creative for all the unique wedding rings we come across.Wedding Rings on a Reflective SurfaceOne of my favorite engagement shoots happened in Palos Verdes with Alyse and Jeffrey. I love to shoot contre-jour and get creative with the concept when the couple is willing to participate.  I told them to bring some props, and they pretended they were going picnicking on the beach and the results were absolutely breath-taking.

    Contre-Jour is a photographic technique and it means against daylight.  The photographer can choose between an over exposure allowing the subject to be visible or expose for the background leaving the subject as a silhouette.A Contre-Jour Shot of a Couple on The BeachAs if I was not there... I love this shot!

    This is one of my favorite shots... The couple is so immersed into each other, I am confident that in this very moment I snapped this shot, they have momentarily forgotten I was there.Completely Lost in Eachother's SoulPeople ask me if I love my job sometimes.  Look at the happiness in their eyes.  Capturing the love makes me happy. You can check out more photos from Alyse and Jeffrey's engagement session while waiting for their wedding blog due next year.

    Photographing people in love makes me happy!A Lovely Happy CoupleI shot a few weddings at Villa Del Sol D'Oro in Sierra Madre.  It is a wonderful venue, one-quarter replica of Villa Collazzi located on the outskirts of Florence, Italy.  I love this venue, the coordinator is absolutely fantastic and it is a breeze to shoot in there.  Enter Nicole and Jeff. I had the pleasure to shoot this couple's engagement session and Nicole's family portraits.  So, when I was shooting the wedding, I knew most of the family and it was a delight to be among them again.

    Jeff is ready for the ceremony at The Villa Del Sol D'Oro in Sierra MadreThe Groom's PortraitI thought this set of jewelry and the rings look good on the plinth of this column, what do you think?

    Here is another unique set of jewelry we got creative with.Antique Jewelry with the Wedding RingsThe following two pictures were taken in the library of the Villa and I could spend a full day shooting in there.

    Villa Del Sol D'Oro's library is very photogenic! So photographing the beautiful bride in there was a blast.The Bride in The Villa's Library
    Villa Del Sol D'Oro's library at night, with candle lights.The Couple's Portrait in the Villa's LibraryThe bride and her bridesmaids dancing at the reception.

    The Villa's unique setting has an indoor dance floor.The Bride and Her Bridesmaids on the Dance FloorEvery wedding is different and every couple has different needs and wishes.  Some, like Nicole and Jeff, ask for an exit shot. If you would like to see more pictures from Nicole and Jeff's wedding, please click here.
    Nicole and Jeff walking to the limo after their wedding reception under a rose petal shower.Exit Shot Under A Rose Petal ShowerI didn't pay attention to the fact that I had blogs about 3 grooms named Jeffrey last year.  Here is the third one... Shiney and Jeffrey.

    Shiney and her bridesmaids before getting in their dresses.Ladies in Red and PinkAnd here is the third Jeff this year, with his (as this picture was taken still) fiancée Shiney.

    Jeffrey could be a secret agent and Shiney's smile is the proof of her love for her husband-to-be.Secret Agent Man and His WifeThis colorful wedding was at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Redondo Beach and So Smitten Special Events' Marni and Megan were a delight to work with!

    Some details of the colorful setup.A Colorful Wedding At Crown Plaza Hotel, Redondo BeachThe Grand Entrance is very common in today's weddings, although there are couples opting out of it.  Basically the DJ/MC would announce the wedding party and the couple... Here is Shiney and Jeffrey making their grand entrance. Here are more photos from this wedding.

    Grand Entrance is a tradition in today's weddings.Grand Entrance of The Newly Wed Couple
    It is not uncommon for the couples to choose a specific location other than the ceremony and/or reception venues for formal portraits.  Karla & Sergio chose Glendale Brand Library for theirs.

    Some couples choose a specific location just for the formal portraits.The Wedding Party At Brand Library in Glendale, CAI love it when the wedding involves unusual or out of the ordinary "props".  Here's Karla & Segio in front of the old convertible Mercedes-Benz that was rented.

    Interesting and Out of The Ordinary "Props" Would Rock Any Wedding ShootInteresting and Out of The Ordinary "Props" Would Rock Any Wedding ShootHere are two very different approaches to shooting very similar wedding bands.

    A tightly composed shot of the wedding rings.A Tightly Composed Shot of the Wedding Bands on Reflective Surface
    Here is another approach to wedding ring shots: extreme close up with a very narrow depth of field.Extreme Close-Up of the Wedding Bands with a Macro LensAs a wedding photographer, one has to deal with small spaces, many reflective areas where you or your flash might show, guests who might be already in the venue, preventing you from taking the liberty to move things around etc.  None of it can be an excuse.  As the professional you are there to create solutions.

    No excuses, a professional wedding photographer has to get the shot.The Wedding Gown and The ShoesOne of my favorite shots of Zoisa.

    And here is the wedding party on the famous stairs of Verandas Beach House. For more pictures of Zoisa and Chad's wedding, please click here.

    Zoisa and Chad with their wedding party.Bridal Party on The Stairway of the Verandas Beach House
    Tracey called me and told me that she was very disappointed in the services she got from someone else for her engagement photographs.  She explained why she wasn't happy with the results and I explained her the way I work and we clicked over the phone. When I met her and her fiancĂ© Dustin, I immediately got excited to shoot their wedding.  They are such down-to-earth, awesome and fun people and you can see more photos from their engagement and their wedding by clicking here.
    Tracey and Dustin's Engagement Session
    On Tracey's directions, I hung out with Dustin and the groomsmen and we had such a great  time together revisiting the highschool baseball field where Dustin and his brother played.  I told Dustin to stand by the rubber and asked him to go back to a game in his mind where he was pitching.  He was great following the direction!
    Here is the groom contemplating at the rubber.Dustin at The RubberThan we headed out to Downtown Fullerton and had beer and Jameson shots at Branagan's Irish Pub. It would be more than enough for us to be grateful to the owners' generosity to let us shoot in the bar, but they also offered the Jameson shots on the house.

    The Boys Quenching Their ThirstAnd the first kiss happened Tracey & Dustin style!

    Dustin slightly dipping his bride Tracey for the "First Kiss".The Kiss with a DipAnd a few portraits before the reception.

    I love to leave the couple alone and just shoot around them candidly.A Moment in Time
    A classic wedding portrait at KHPLove Sunny Side UpThe Portofino Hotel & Marina in Redondo Beach...  I absolutely love the lobby of this hotel.  And when I have a good looking couple like Jennifer and Puya, I was like a kid in a candy store.

    Jennifer in front of the huge windows in the lobby of The Portofino Hotel & MarinaSun Shines on JenniferHere is a back-lit photo of Jennifer beautiful wedding gown.

    Another backlit photo, this time of the dress.The Wedding Dress in The LobbyAnd the couple.... Here are some more photos from this wedding.

    You can see more photographs from Vanna and John's wedding by clicking here.
    Some weddings are asking guests not to bring kids, I absolutely love the energy of weddings with kids though. Here is a very young flower girl getting some help from mommy.

    When the flower girl is too young, mommy comes to help!Young Flower Girl Gets Help From MommyWhile I make sure the couple gets a more traditional shot of themselves in front of this popular portrait spot of Glen Ivy Golf Club, I do indulge myself with what I love to do as well.

    A popular portrait spot in the venue, and a different approachAnother Version of Shooting Contre-JourThere is only love in this picture.

    Love is palpable in this picture of the newlyweds' first dance.First Dance
    The Kiss Following The Cake Cutting
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    Zoisa & Chad
    I had the pleasure to get back to the lovely Verandas Beach House in Manhattan Beach, CA for a gorgeous DIY wedding.  The creative bride and her easy going groom were absolutely fantastic to work with.

    I first get to the house to meet Chad and his groomsmen.

    The first thing I noticed was the beer...

    Weihenstphaner is the oldest brewery in the world and I am a huge fan of their brews, especially Vitus.  Definitely recommended.  Anyways, apparently, the oficiator, who is a good friend of Chad is a world traveler and he had the pleasure to visit this old establishment and hence he has a great taste when it comes to beer!

    Following a quick game of poker...

    We headed out to the venue.  Let's do the details first:

    And, here is the beautiful bride Zoisa...

    Following the ceremony and portrait session....

    The calm before the.......

    ....THE PARTYYY!

    Join me wishing this lovely couple a happy, healthy and prosperous life together!

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    Tracey & Dustin
    I met Tracey and Dustin for the first time and they had an amazing energy! W had a fantastic engagement shoot and I was so excited to shoot their wedding.
    Dustin and Tracey got engaged.

    Tracey is showing off her ring while keeping Dustin close.

    What's going through her mind at this very moment?

    On their wedding day, I hung out with Dustin and his groomsmen.

    Dustin has an interest in watches as I do, so we did not mind bringing them up front during the shoots. However this one is a very special Nixon: a wedding gift from the bride who knows her man very well. Look at that smile on Dustin's face!

    The groom received a Nixon Watch as a wedding gift from the bride

    We first went to Cal State Fullerton's Baseball field where he played baseball with his brother...

    These Cal State Fullerton graduates, take their baseball seriously. Go Titans!

    And, what is he thinking at this moment?

    Groom and his best man posing where they used to play baseball.

    Than we headed to Branagan's Irish Pub in downtown Fullerton.

    Branagan's Irish Pub in Fullerton was the place of choice for a pre-ceremony refreshments.

    Groom and his groomsmen are enjoying a pint at this authentic Irish Pub.

    You gotta get some Jameson before you leave an Irish Pub!

    After some fun time it was time to head back to the church for the ceremony.  The ceremony was short and sweet and intimate.

    The bride and groom are not joking around for their first kiss as husband and wife

    Following the ceremony, we ended up at the beautiful Summit House for a fun filled reception, before which I was able to capture this beautiful couple in all their wedding day glory.

    The gorgeous bride posing at the Summit House

    Bride and groom posing right in front of Summit House

    Summit House offers photographers a beautiful environment to shoot

    Capturing the love in her eyes

    The bride's wedding gift to the groom is taking the forefront in this shot

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