• Kerem Hanci

Let'em 'Elevate' Your Soul...

Do you shop locally? Do you dine at local mom & pop restaurants or get your food from the local farmers' market? How well are you involved with your community? With your city?

Don't feel bad... Even if you love global-everything, I would like to introduce you to a local band that is bound to become global... I met them in 2006. I saw them live many times, and I gotta tell you, their stage performance is infectiously energetic and fun. Without further ado... Food for your soul, ladies and gentlemen...

The Elevaters... Check out their website, become a fan of them on FaceBook. These cool cats are gonna blow the roof off at The Mint this Saturday...

​Sam - vox / keys

Miles - vox

Ben - vox / percussion

Itai - bass / guitar

Andre - drums

David - guitar / bass

Go to The Mint this Saturday and let the Elevaters elevate your soul!

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