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Everything you do in life, everyone you meet throughout the years are all investments for your future. You may or may not reap the fruits of these deeds and connections depending on the endless choices you would inevitably make living your life. I could easily say the history of this shoot started in 2010. Although at that time, I was completely unaware that the photography trip I was taking to Salton Sea with my wife and a couple of other friends would be the seed of a project that would bring me back to the desert with a skeleton motley crew of talented and opinionated individuals from different walks of life.

I still cannot speak in detail about this professional project based on a quite personal story of a good friend of mine, but I can share a few photographs from several shoots we did together for it. We headed to Salton Sea last year in spring and spent a couple of days shooting in a few different locations. Then a few months later we did additional locations in Los Angeles.

While King had a clear idea of what he wanted and while I had a clear understanding of his vision, he was open to our input. King, Adrian (who did all the videos) and I have known each other for about 8 years and we had a close friendship. Adrian and I are both familiar with King's personal story sourcing this project and Marco is a fantastic sound engineer who has been working with King in Washington.

Our backgrounds, our experiences and our fields are all different and this came in handy when we were following the loose itinerary of the shoot as we did modify certain areas quite a bit and I believe made this project even stronger.

I love the apocalyptic aspect of what this once resort town offers as a backdrop to a photo shoot.

Salton Sea is an interesting place to shoot. I will not go into detail about its history, but it is worth checking out. If you are a photographer, and if you don't mind doing a bit of research, I think you would enjoy a day trip.

On the precious occasion of us visiting the ruins of this yacht club, King dressed up and we had an impromptu fashion shoot right then and there.

Then we headed to a familiar location to deal with some unfinished business in a setting I called Pink v2.0. When it is time to reveal the project, and once there are no reasons for me to keep the rest of the photograph under wraps, I would probably explain what was behind that name. For the time being, let's focus on this photograph.

Following the Salton Sea shoot and the several locations in Los Angeles, we headed to Palm Springs for the martini shot. I must say that King always envisioned the shoot in and around the desert and did all the location scouting using Google Earth. Here are a few shots from the last couple of hours of shoot which was capped with a nice dinner at a Palm Springs restaurant.

I truly look forward to share the finished project with you... And as the title says...

#SaltonSea #Fashion

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