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Hancis In Montecatini

February 14, 2015

So, following the amazing weekend in Brooklyn, Hanci family headed over to Milan.  We rented our French ride for the first half of our Italy trip.  A Peugeot 3008.  A bit weak on the torque, but otherwise a very comfortable car to drive.  Especially the driver seat (that was the only seat I used) is very ergonomic.

The climactic moment of Dede and Müge meeting Vivienne happened the night we got there under the rain.  We enjoyed a nice, early dinner and got back in our rooms.  In the morning, there was a surprise waiting for Vivienne in my father's hotel room. An abundance of toys, and stuffed animals and books etc.

My plan was to plan nothing.  And we did everything according to that plan.  So the first day was super chill.  We drove up to Montecatini Alto, walked around, had coffee, had wine, had more coffee and had more wine along some food.  For those of you who may think this is boring, let me tell you this:  I am constantly on in LA.  I work all the time.  So, I made sure that I did nothing I did not want to when we were travelling!  


So, we strolled around this little medieval town and explore the church... Namely, Monastero Delle Benedettine S Maria A Ripa.

I am not really sure how that word relates to Jesus, but I don't do religion... This is a blind shot by the way, I just lowered the camera and guessed the frame and clicked.  You know I love to do it.

I think I should share a picture of the interior of the church... Here it is.

Family portrait.

This was the view from my chair looking up.  I think it was more interesting than what I had at the table. You can only tolerate wine and food picture to a degree.

Family portrait parte seconda...

OK...  So, what is this picture all about?  I mean, yes, it is November, the last month of Autumn.  So there are leaves everywhere.... Why is this so interesting?

Well, maybe it is not that interesting.  But this is something I long for.  This is something I enjoy. When I used to live in Montpellier in the south of France, my girlfriend was a couple of hours of train ride away from me in Toulouse.  I visited her several times in that lovely city of canals of the river Garonne.  When fall arrived, all those canals and the streets by the canals would be full of these leaves.  And, quite to the contrary of the LA landscape, nobody came with a leaf-blower to clean that away.  And I loved that.  In LA, we are so used to the pristine and/or perfectly manicured landscapes, this took me back to my college years and I had to document it and share it!

The first of many toasts and cheers during our Italian trip.  This was the first night in Montecatini.  The next blog is going to be about another Italian medieval town... Which one will it be?!



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