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Shira & Andy's Wedding

August 27, 2016

I had the pleasure of photographing a great wedding last week.

I love Jewish weddings.  The rich tradition, the tight and bonded community, a traditional and positively ancient understanding of family; combined with usually easy-going people who definitely know how to have serious fun uplift my spirit.

And the fact that the couple is the incredibly fun Shira and Andy is the icing on the cake. You've met them last January when I posted the blog on their engagement pictures.

We were talking about the family ties... There were two sets of rings during this wedding... The traditional rings of the bride and the groom...

 And the rings of Shira's grandparents...

The ceremony and the reception was held at the beautiful Hillcrest Country Club on Pico Boulevard.

The about-to-be-combined families ended Shabbat with a lovely Havdalah before the wedding ceremony.

The wedding party was also a bunch of fun people, some family members, some close friends.  These are the people, along with the couple, that make my job so much fun ladies and gentlemen!

The ceremony was absolutely wonderful.  It took place under a gorgeous sky with some clouds dancing with the sunset causing slow color changes...

Following the ceremony, while Shira and Andy caught their breath, they offered the guests a delicious gin gimlet they named "Shirandytini".

Shira's attention to detail was obvious in this wedding.  The cake was yet another beautiful piece of art completing the night while it matched the bouquets in a colorful fashion.

Following the Hora and some dances before dinner, I witness something I often do during weddings... A moment when the couple only see each other.... Nothing and no one around them exists...

Following the lovely and funny speeches given by the Best Man and the two Maids of Honors, the couple raised their flutes...

The cake cut... I wish these guys will never stop laughing!

I had to take the couple away from all the fun an dances in order to snap a few night portraits.... Under this ridiculously well lit tree offering itself as a gorgeous background... Fairy tale pictures...

Shira and Andy offered their guests a compilation of their favorite songs for coming to their wedding.  I was also a lucky recipient of this musical gift.  The couple's great eclectic taste of music shortened my drive back home at the end of the night.

The bouquet was perfectly tossed! Good job Shira! (It's not as easy as you think!!!)

 Andy's brother caught the garter... His girlfriend caught the bouquet.... I would love to see you guys again too!

 This sums up how fun the night was....

However, I will be ending this week's entry with another kiss...  This was literally the last photograph I took that night... The martini shot as they call it in Hollywood...  I wish you a prosperous, healthy and happy life together Shira and Andy!  And I hope our roads will cross again!



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