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Atanasia & Grey's Wedding

September 14, 2013

Last August, I had the pleasure to shoot the wedding of a lovely couple with my wife. Atanasia and I have been in touch for a year since they have booked me, and with every email and phone call the excitement was increasing...  Here they are, Atanasia and Grey...

 They got ready in their own way, a mile away from each other.  While Ata was getting ready at The Reef in Long Beach, Grey was on the Queen Mary having fun with his groomsmen and his family.  There are many pictures of Grey and his mom as this was a very special occasion.  Grey's mom got married on the Queen Mary and they have pictures from that day, together on the deck.  This particular picture strikes me more than the others for some reason...

Let's stay on The Queen Mary for a sec and see Grey and his groomsmen striking a pose with their cute socks...

Here is the Barabas Family before we headed out to shoot the bridal party portraits.

The girls studied well to their lesson and they added an extra character as well... This is the first movie reference of this blog... You can guess it, right?

When Atanasia was getting ready, I grabbed a few shots of the rings and the dress and all the other details... Here are the rings, in a Earth / Fire / Water theme... Yes, only three of the elements... I considered throwing the rings up in the Air and grab a few shots while they were falling down, but then I thought about many different ways Atanasia would get creative about killing me slowly, so I scratched the idea pretty quickly.

 And here is the dress...

And the ceremony...  Here is why it is important to have two photographers covering your event...

Following the ceremony, we did the couple portraits and the wedding party portraits.  This lovely and good looking group of people was not afraid of silliness... I can tell you that much.  Here is the second movie reference... You can guess this one too, right?

I love this photograph as well.  I recognize that it is not particularly a classic wedding picture, but I love the expression in her face and how he is completely immersed in her...

The beautiful bride...

We were talking about how they were silly, right... Here are a few fun pictures.  It is remarkable how Atanasia looks comfortable while the groomsmen carry her.  It is downright wrong that Grey fell asleep while the bridesmaids were carrying him.  And no matter what the last group photograph depicts, they are very happy...

Following the incredibly fun portrait session on the decks of the small marina, we headed back inside.  After the Grand Entrance, the couple had their first dance followed by two very funny and two incredibly touching speech.  There was a slide show that was ridiculously amusing (especially for the couple) and than there was dancing and partying.  I will let you go with pictures of the dances and one last portrait of the couple... Ata and Grey, may you prosper in good health and good fortune!  I look forward to serve you and your family for your next photographic needs!


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