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The Most Creative Engagement Session Ever

August 16, 2013

I could have titled this post "Burçin & Shai's Engagement Session Part II" but it wouldn't be fair to Part III, which belongs here as well....


I had the pleasure to work with a lovely couple on several occasions throughout last year.


When they booked me for their wedding and their engagement session, all I knew was the wedding date.


Than we met to discuss the engagement session and I got super excited:  this was a couple who were not afraid of going the distance in the name of creativity...


You met them... Twice actually...


On their regular engagement session pictures (and I made sure I finished that blog post with a cliffhanger as I knew this day would come!)  Also, I shared their wedding day story on this blog post.


Here is where we left off....

The story was pitched to me as their last night as an engaged couple where they party with their closest friends following their romantic time (depicted in the regular engagement session).  Of course, things would take a surreal left-turn and they would barely make to their wedding...


I was sold...


We had a very detailed and elaborate discussion followed by a meticulous planning.


Before I share some of my favorite photographs from the 3-day shoot, I would love for you to watch this video edited by my wonderful videographer friend Trey...

The above video was shown before their official first dance (where they appeared in front of the screen similar to the pose they have at the end of the video), which was a beautifully choreographed tango that they performed to Muse's Undisclosed Desires.  I told you they were creative!


So, here are my faves from the shoots...

 I should mention that no one was hurt during these photography sessions... 


Well, at least not intentionally.


In case you are wondering, everything you see is pretend (on this day and age, I felt obligated to make such a statement, isn't it sad?).

See you next week my lovelies.


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